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JH Band receives 1st Division Ratings at Region XI Concert & Sight-Reading Competition

The JH Band traveled to Eagle Pass yesterday to compete in the Region XI UIL Concert and Sight-Reading contest.  The JH received a 1st division from all three concert judges!!!  We are all very excited and proud of their accomplishment. 

They received a 2nd division from all three sight-reading judges.  Even though they did not receive the top rating in the sight-reading room, they did do their very best.  Unfortunately for them it was not enough. 

If you see a JH band member today, give them a pat on the back.  They worked really hard the last few weeks and their ratings on stage reflects their hard work.

Thanks also to Mr. Fender and Mr. Reyes for their work during class helping the kids in sectionals!

MJ Robles

JH Band Director

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Lytle ISD announces launch of Lytle Pirates mobile app!!

Lytle ISD is proud to announce the launch of our mobile app, an easier way to access information from our district websites.  Visit your Android or Apple app store, search Lytle Pirates, accept Notification Messages and you're set!  Thank you to the Lytle Education Foundation for helping us get this project off the ground!

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LJHS students honored with VFW Patriots Pen Awards

On Thursday evening, 5 of our LJH students received certificates and monetary awards for their winning Patriot Pen essays they completed this past Fall. Four out of the five students won for the second year while a student at LJH. This is a first for the multiple year winnings. All five of the students came to the event dressed nice with their family and represented them, their family and our JH very well. Please congratulate them when you see them. 

1st Place Winners:

                         7th Grade Kylie Mask- second year in a row winner

                          8th Grade Elissa Gallegos-  second year to have won

                          8th Grade Ariel Muraira

2nd Place Winner:

                       7th Grade Rylan Wagner- second year in a row to have won

3rd Place Winner:

                     8th Grade Carlos Tamayo- second year to have won

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4 LJHS Students qualify for All-Region Band in Pearsall!

Good Morning!  Yesterday we took 15 students to Pearsall to audition for  the Junior High All-Region Band.   The students competed against 14 different schools and hundreds of students to earn a place in one of two bands.  Our students did very well, but we did have a few heartbreaking moments.  In the trumpet section four students missed the band by a few chairs.  24 trumpets were chosen for the band and Carlos Tomayo was 25, Jared Garrison was 26, John Martinez was 28, and Eddie Morfin was 30.  They competed against 74 trumpets.

The four students that made the band were:

Juanita Saldana 8th grade Flute, Concert Band

Ellissa Gallegos 8th grade Clarinet, Concert Band

Ariel Muraira 8th grade Clarinet, Concert Band

Mason Ringer 7th grade Alto Saxophone, Concert Band.  Mason was only beat by 8th graders.

These students will participate in the JH All-Region Concert and Clinic in Pleasanton on Feb. 20.  I’m very proud of all of our students, especially the 7th graders who tried out.  We are in a very tough region and all of our students did a great job.  Thanks Mr. Fender and Mr. Reyes for your help. 

Mrs. Robles

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LJHS Techno Pirates advance to semi-finals on way to 5th place finish

The Lytle Techno Pirates and their robot fought hard all the way to the semi-finals Saturday, but fell just short of qualifying for the state championship, placing 5th out of 14 teams and garnering a 2nd Place judging award.

After three previous meets where Lytle was plagued by technical problems and penalties, the Techno Pirates were problem-free for the majority of Saturday’s qualifier in Somerset. After the final meet, Lytle had made it into the semi-finals with five other teams.

Lytle’s most exciting moment came in the second round during the semi-finals when they faced New Braunfels, the only team that was undefeated in all four Somerset meets. The two teams and their alliance partners fought hard during the two-minute match, utilizing all of their point-scoring mechanisms on their robots. At the end of the match, it was too close for the audience to call. After a few tense minutes of calculating by the referees, the scores were projected on the wall: Lytle 74, New Braunfels 73. It was a thrilling moment for the Techno Pirates team. Unfortunately, they lost in the third round to Reagan and Robert E. Lee high schools and did not advance to the championship. They did, however, come away with a 2nd place judging award for their work promoting robotics in the community and showing school spirit at the event.

Coaches Joe Corona and Jeffrey Salinas did a great job this year preparing the team for this competition and our principal Mr. Dykes went above and beyond supporting our team. We couldn’t have created this winning team without him. Thank you to all the teachers and parents who helped out this year.

Reagon Clamon

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Atascosa County Stock Show brings successes to Lytle FFA & 4H students

Another Atascosa County Stock show has come to a close, now on to San Antonio, Houston, and many more. We are very excited to announce the results from the show. The students showed very hard again this year and deserve a good job, high five, or pat on the back if they come your way. Please enjoy a BREIF view of some of the kids showing their animals and some of their ag mech projects. There were so many wonderful pictures it was very hard to choose!


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Techno Pirates continue march to FTC Championships

The Lytle Junior High Techno Pirates competed in a double meet in Somerset Sunday. The team took 3rd place in the first meet and 7th place in the last meet of the day. Several technical issues plagued the team throughout both meets, but penalties prove to be the undoing of the Pirates and their alliance members. The Techno Pirates will compete again in Somerset this Saturday. The points from their four meets will be totaled to determine if they qualify to compete in the FTC robotics championship in San Antonio.

Reagon Clamon

Junior High School

Smart Lab Facilitator/ Junior High School Robotics Coach

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LJHS Techno Pirates have strong showing in opening meet

Our Junior High Robotics Team competed in their first league competition this past Sunday. Competing against 21 high school teams, some from much larger school districts, the Techno Pirates lead the pack for the first three rounds until a communication error in our control system began shutting our robot down. By the end of the day's matches, we had a dead robot. With the points we racked up earlier in the day, however, we still finished in the top half of the pack. We will have three more league matches in January to try and score enough points to advance to regionals.

Reagon Clamon

Junior High School

Smart Lab Facilitator/ Junior High School Robotics Coach

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LJHS UIL Team brings home awards from district meet

We are so proud of our Lytle Junior High UIL Team that competed at the District Meet this past weekend!!  PIRATE PRIDE!!

Art: Coached by Mrs. Null

8th Grade

4th Place: Natalie De La Cerda

5th Place: Juanita Saldana

6th Place: Carlos Tamayo


Calculator: Coached by Mrs. Judge

6th Grade

5th Place: Emma Keith

7th Grade

3rd Place: Rylan Wagner


Chess: Coached by Mr. Cavazos

6th Grade

1st Place: Michael Tomlinson

7th Grade

1st Place: Mason Ringer

6th Place: Carlos Vieyra


Dictionary: Coached by Mrs. Lopez

7th Grade

Best Alternate: Virginia Rodriguez


Editorial Writing: Coached by Mrs. Lopez

6th Grade

6th Place: Daven Weaver

7th Grade

1st Place: Mason Ringer

8th Grade

Best Alternate: Catalina Barrera


Impromptu Speaking: Coached by Mr. Foster

7th Grade

2nd Place: Emelia Garcia

8th Grade

3rd Place: Catalina Barrera

4th Place: Jesse Medina


Listening: Coached by Mrs. Null

7th Grade

1st Place: Rylan Wagner

6th Place: James Black

Best Alternate: Logan Wilson

8th Grade

2nd Place: Eleni Keith


Maps, Graphs and Charts: Coached by Mrs. Miller

6th Grade

4th Place: Mason Davila

Best Alternate: Michael Tomlinson

7th Grade

3rd Place: Kody Villareal

5th Place: Darren Chapa


Mathematics: Coached by Mrs. Judge

7th Grade

6th Place: Rylan Wagner


Modern Oratory: Coached by Mrs. Slater

6th Grade

3rd Place: Karizma Wroblewski-Lara

7th Grade

3rd Place: Emelia Garcia

8th Grade

3rd Place: Eleni Keith


Music Memory: Coached by Mrs. Reyna

7th Grade

1st Place: Mason Ringer


Number Sense: Coached by Mrs. Mask

6th Grade

1st Place: Mason Davila

7th Grade

6th Place: Rylan Wagner


Oral Reading: Coached by Mrs. Reyna

7th Grade

6th Place: Adriana Rios

8th Grade

4th Place: Juanita Saldana

5th Place: Natalie De La Cerda

6th Place: Camryn Hoffman


Ready Writing: Coached by Mrs. Lopez

7th Grade

2nd Place: Mason Ringer

8th Grade

4th Place: Camryn Hoffman


Social Studies: Coached by Mr. Cavazos

7th Grade

6th Place: Roberson Harold


Spelling: Coached by Mrs. Miller

6th Grade

1st Place: Mason Davila

7th Grade

6th Place: Kody Villareal




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Smart Lab 2 launches "manned" rocket into LJHS atmosphere

Students have been designing and building model rockets in SmartLab 2 and today they joined an elite club of manned spaceflight programs – or at least bugged spaceflight. We launched Bob the Beetle about 300 feet into the air. He survived and was released unharmed into the junior high practice field.

Here’s the video:

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JH Art students showcased at Friendship Club Art Show

I want to congratulate several Junior High art students on the Friendship Art Contest:  

Christopher Thomas - 3rd place

Elissa Gallegos- 2nd place

Isabella Syma- Honorable Mention

Caleb Leven- Honorable Mention

Eben Martinez- Honorable Mention

Their work was on display at the Lytle Community Center during the Friendship Club Art Show this past weekend.

Great job!!  Ms. Flowers

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JH Band rocks contest in Eagle Pass

The JH band just competed in their UIL concert and sight reading contest in Eagle Pass. They were awesome on stage receiving straight 1s.  They came out with a 2nd division in sight reading but did the best they could. I'm so proud of the work they have done. I am also thankful for all the help Mr. Fender and Mr. Reyes gave to me and the band.

Mrs. Robles. 

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