7th Grade Create Major App

The 7th Grade Computer Science students have just completed a major app similar to one found in a museum.  Using MIT App Inventor, this 9 screen app catalogs vintage pieces of older technology I have in my classroom.  If you have ever been to a museum or major attraction where you use or rent devices to take a self-guided tour, this is similar.  Here is a sample of one app as it is viewed on an Android Tablet.



Here is a video link to the app in action:  Click Here

Some of these apps were sent to the Director of Curators at the "San Antonio Children's Doseum".  Her and another gentleman at the "San Antonio Museum of Technology" have offered to view the apps and provide some feedback to our students.  We're all anxious to see and hear how the apps are viewed by professionals.

Posted on May 6, 2017 .