LJH Great Kindness Challenge

 Welcome to the Great Kindness Challenge Week!  This week all across Lytle campuses and across the United States, students are taking the Great Kindness Challenge.  From today until Friday, students are challenged to do as many kind acts as possible.

Also part of our Great Kindness Challenge, LJH has set up different challenges for every Playbook class. 

  • Create a classroom Kindness banner to display outside their Playbook door. 
  • Decorate their Playbook door with a kindness theme. 
  • Shoot a Kindness video showcasing their Playbook class and acts of kindness. 
  • Write a Kindness note to a friend, other student, teacher, or class.  

Also, students are encouraged to write their kindness acts on a “chain link” so LJH can string the longest "kindness chain" across our campus.


All week long, LJH will have a different theme for each day. 

Posted on January 23, 2017 .