JH Cross Country Results from Poteet

This week the Lytle Junior High Cross Country team ran at Poteet.  It was a bigger meet than last year for the Junior High with every team in the District present except Carrizo Springs. 

The 8th graders ran together first and Lytle had two runners medal.  Alex Esquivez and Goyo Alcorta ran 12:27 and 12:49 respectively (pictured below).

  Alex Esquivez                    6th – Medalist                 12:27                                                               Goyo Alcorta                     12th – Medalist              12:49                                                                  JC Hernandez                    18th                                 13:09                                                              David Laureno                  27th                                  14:00                                                                Tony Sanchez                    31st                                  14:15                                                                   Israel Aguinaga                  35th                                14:22                                                                  Kyle Mueller                      54th                                 15:33

8th grader, Mariana Verdeja ran 2 miles in 17:31 and finished 32nd.

The seventh graders ran at 11:00 to finish the day of competition.  Jared Aguinaga ran his first race as a Lytle Pirate and finished 3rd.  He finished his two miles at 13:20.  Filip Lange(pictured) received his first medal as a Pirate by finishing 15th with a 14:24 time.  Lauryn Cardenas medaled for the second time placing 8th with a 14:58 time.  

 Jared Aguinaga                 3rd – Medalist                    13:20                                                              Filip Lange                        15th – Medalist                    14:24                                                           Jose Cortez                        43rd                                    16:18                                                       Matthew Eldridge              46th                                    16:44                                                           Adrian Balderas                 47th                                    16:48                                                         Michael Tomlinson             54th                                    17:21                                                             Zach Bradshaw                  60th                                   17:58                                                               Tyler Link                          64th                                    18:18

Lauryn Cardenas              8th – Medalist                  14:58                                                         Hannah Morin                   41st                                  18:03                                                             Giselle Diaz                       44th                                18:10                                                                   Alize Sanchez                   51st                                  19:14                                                                 Skye Granato                    74th                                 25:39                                                             Celeste Salazar                 75th                                 36:59

Coach’s Note:  We have a short turn around as we will compete in Gonzales on Wednesday in a Junior High race.  I appreciate Coach Ruiz for letting me showcase the Junior High at their own meet and a shout out to our Athletic Director and Boys Coordinator.  “Good on you, mates” for supporting us at the meet.  Their hard work for Lytle is paying dividends.  

“Each of us has been put on earth with the ability to do something well.  We cheat ourselves and the world if we don’t use that ability as best we can.” – George Allen


 Filip Lange, Goyo Alcorta, Alex Esquivez (l-r)

Filip Lange, Goyo Alcorta, Alex Esquivez (l-r)

Posted on September 26, 2016 .