8th Grade Audio/Video Technology Students Create Weekly Newscast

This week, Mr. Corona's 8th Graders completed another "Lytle Junior High Newscast".  In this project, each weekly news team learns to type in a news script for our teleprompter.  Students experience what it is like to be under the lights and in front of a camera.   Once the newscast is recorded, the news team uses Pinnacle Studio to assemble the various parts of the newscast, edit and create the video for Internet broadcast.  This week's newscast was created by Ariatna Gonzalez, Isabella Syma and Emry Lira.  Not having ever done this before, students do a great job despite the challenging time constraint.  I am proud of them all.  

To view this week's newscast, CLICK HERE.  To view previous news casts, CLICK HERE.

Posted on January 31, 2016 .