Volunteer to participate in LHS British Literature project

Good Day To All!

My senior British Literature class is preparing to research various topics of British Literature and will be presenting this research to a community panel of experts and professionals. In

The purpose of this project is two-fold: (1) To encourage the students to research and write well in a final project to carry excellence in personal achievement to college or career, and (2) to prepare and present this information in a professional yet entertaining manner using whichever method they choose (PPT, Prezi, etc.  there will be NO reading of a report).
Finally, the panel of experts will have an opportunity to give the kids two points of what they did well and two points they may want to improve upon, perhaps tips for a professional interview.

I would like to include as many of our leaders as possible. Ms. Sandy Wilson stated she would be honored to serve and I am hoping many more community members will as well, but they may not be able to stay the entire time due to busy schedules. I am hoping this date will allow many of you, whom I respect and trust, to participate.

Date of event: May 21st
Time: 9:00 A.M. - 12:45 P.M.
Place: High School Library conference room
FYI: I have 28 beautiful seniors and they have been given 15 minutes each to impress you
(I will try to serve drinks and snacks to our honored guests)

Thank you for your time and consideration,
Peggy B. Chandler

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