Technology Students complete a “Class Picture Project”

Last week, Mr. Corona’s Principles of Information Technology class used the "Tables" feature of MS-Word to create a Desktop Publishing table assignment.  In this real application project, students learn that "Tables" are used anywhere information or data needs to be organized into columns and rows. For this project, students learned the following beginning, intermediate and advanced features of the Microsoft Word 2010 Program. 

  • Change the Page Orientation
  • Change the Page Margins
  • Change the Font Style and Font Size
  • Change the Text Alignment
  • Change the Document Line Spacing
  • Create a Table with the appropriate number of Columns and Rows
  • Merge Table Cells
  • Insert Pictures
  • Correctly Re-Size Pictures
  • Add Table Colors
  • Change the Table Borders
  • Change the Vertical Alignment of the Document

(Click here to view a sample)

Posted on February 11, 2014 .